About Me

 Basically I left Hastings in 93 to pursue an Anthroplogy degree in Palmerston North started doing art straight away which was house paint on anything boards cardboard sold a few ,started a band, busked, finished degree kept doing all the same and labouring kept selling got better . Moved to Welly 2000 started using canvas and oils , bolted the books for a joke and they have sold well sonce 02, my paintings have themes children’s booky jungle adventures women on motorbikes ,elephants ,skeletons ,now policemen having adventures small to large canvases have exhibition at Paramount Cinema till end Dec. Invented the pourings in 09 sold very well here as an extension of the book theme. Also make lamps out of X-Rays. I show at ROAR! Gallery a lot and always have work there.Three publishers have nearly published books with my illustrations (paintings) but were weary of the text. The Ian the Horse comics are cult in Welly and there is a T-shirt which can be found at Vanishing Pointn (opp Fidels Cafe) Cuba St.




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