Carnage is a play adapted to the big screen by Roman Polanski (The 9thgate, Cul-de-sac etc) – a genius. This is all filmed in one apartment where a lower middle class couple have a son’s teeth knocked out by a peer with a tree branch. The violent youth’s parents (upper middle class) call over to discuss the damage. Everybody starts off trying to be civilized but gradually descend into drunken, emotional combatants raising marital, child rearing and social consciousness issues. It is like tag wrestling with the couples fighting each other then men against women. They all have annoying habits especially the lawyer who serial cell phones long and hard driving everyone crazy, politically correct pretensions go by the way as tempers fray and the real inner beasts are revealed. Hilarious ,  at one point Kate Winslet vomits over a coffee table and rare magazines –wonderful.

  • Rated: M – Contains offensive language
  • Running Length:1hr 19mins
  • Cast:Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz

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