I , Anna

Another winner for Charlotte Rampling  fans. Loved her  since ZARDOZ.Very noir ,dark murder/romance mystery. Rampling plays a woman (vulnerable,older but still attractive) who takes part in speed dating and heads off to the apartment of a very sleazy man in London. Gabrielle Byrne plays a detective who arrives early at the murder scene as he can’t sleep and is out in the area and sees and sees Rampling in the area.  The detective doesn’t connect her to the murder and becomes enamoured of the woman and pursues her for romantic reasons. He is in a predicament as the clues grow and he feels more for her. Great plot ,dark shady filming and bleak music add to the feelings both these lost souls have as they get closer and an arrest nears. Loved this , very stylish and British.


Rated: R16 – Contains violence,sexual violence,offensive language & content that may disturb
Running Length: 1hr 33mins
Cast: Charlotte Rampling, Gabriel Byrne, Hayley Atwell

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