On the road

This film had the hard challenge of living up to one of the great Bohemian tales of our era. Many critics have said it doesn’t measure up and lacks the energy and bite of the tale. This may be so but personally I thoroughly enjoyed this film. The Old V8s roaring across the USA though beautiful scenery and endless highways made for a good road movie, the players captured the hedonism and freedom of the adolescents in their search for the extremes in themselves and the world they race through. Stopping at roadhouses to watch black blues players, shoplifting, and drug and alcohol abuse and picking up drifters they incarcerate all unstoppable youth testing their limits and trying to find all kinds of truths in the rush. People get hurt, pregnant and addicted in the wildness. The sad end where Moriarty realises Jack Kerouac uses him as the main character in his famous novel and joins another world leaving him to his hobo life was very poignant.

  • Rated: R18 – Contains drug use,sex scenes and offensive language
  • Running Length:2hrs 19mins
  • Cast:Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Sam Riley, Amy Adams

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