Shadow Dancer

Shadow Dancer is a taut, intense thriller based in Northern Ireland just pre peace talks when the IRA is still on full war footing against the British government. Collette (Andrea Riseborough) is sent to London to explode a bomb in the tube but can’t go through with it and is picked up by the security services. Her controller is Mac (Clive Owen) who sends her back to IRA territory in Belfast where she is in constant threat of torture and death as she is soon suspected of being a tout or informer. Very atmospheric, tense and dramatic film with realistic action and a believable and well twisted ending. I found this to be well-shot, informative and based in the 90’s it was a change from 1970’s Northern Ireland which is the usual. Clive Owen well suited to this sort of earthy role. Great watch.

Rated: M Running Length: 1hr 40mins 

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