The Angel’s Share

If you feel like a film based in Scotland this is the one for you.Ken Loach delivers his usual grim ,realistic delivery of the harsh realities of life for  folk in Britain who don’t live in leafy glades or a picturesque village. Down in the tough parts of working class Glasgow we follow the efforts of Robbie who is doing community service for yet more violence defending himself from a rival family who have a vendetta against his. Robbie has a girlfriend who has become pregnant and her father is a gangster who wants to pay Robbie to scarper up North. Robbie wants to be a good Dad and then through his supervisor at his community work discovers that whisky can be worth a fortune. Himnself and a motley crew go up to the highlands to get a few pints ,enough to be rich. Film has some violence but through effort and perseverence the crew who have few life chances get some breaks. Real but funny a good reflection on life in a harsh part of the world . Left theatre feeling good after viewing

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