The Seperation

A real film at last –gripping, moving, very thought provoking. Iran a country demonized in the west but here we see people as decent, loving, loyal, principled and as anguished as anybody anywhere could be. Nader has his father at home as he has advanced Alzheimer’s and he refuses to leave the country with his wife and daughter to get a better education for their child. Simin is a free thinking middle-class woman, educated and modern and leaves her husband when he won’t leave Iran because of his love for his Dad. The husband brings in a working class woman –Razieh to help but things go very bad and the families attend court for assault and the divorce. Justice is very different than in the west I found this very interesting as there some things better than our way and some worse. The film had no flat pieces and kept you gripped in its entirety –very intense, fantastic plot. Up for two Academy Awards –say no more.

  • Rated: PG – low level offensive language
  • Running Length:1hr 33mins
  • Cast:Leila Hatami, Peyman Moadi, Shahab Hosseini, Sareh Bayat, Sarina Farhadi

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